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Angelica Duria

Angelica Duria

TV anchor/reporter | WITI, Milwaukee | Class of 2008

The UI is where future TV star Angelica Duria learned the ins and outs of video editing — the painstakingly slllllow way.

“A good chunk of my junior and senior years was spent in the editing booths of old Greg Hall and Richmond Studios. I would pull all-nighters just to edit a 1½-minute story.  It would take several hours to log, write and edit a package," says the 2008 grad, now an anchor/reporter at Milwaukee's WITI-TV.

"Little did I know that in the 'real world' a few months later, I’d be doing the exact same thing in 30 minutes or less at a TV station. But the hours spent there helped me appreciate the discipline of visual story-telling. 

"Professors Mitch Kazel and John Paul couldn’t have been more helpful in developing this craft.

“I will also never forget when the Illini Media building opened during the fall of my junior year. It was the first time The Daily Illini, WPGU and the Ilio worked under the same roof – in this beautiful new space that still had that new construction smell, with brand-new Apple products. 

"I worked for Daily Illini Radio and we’d air daily news broadcasts in the WPGU 107.1 FM studio facing Green Street. That is where I became hooked with the rush of breaking news."