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Robert Blons

Robert Blons

Special agent | NCIS | Class of 1987

Future NCIS special agent Robert Blons (’87) remembers treating a nasty bout of homesickness the way many others before and after him did.

Did someone say Papa Del’s?

“Being a relatively rare out-of-state student, and an aeronautical and astronautical engineering major, there was competition between homesickness and Chemistry 101/Physics 106 for what could cause me the most pain," he says now. "I can recall thinking, ‘How am I going to get through four years of this?’

“Well, one night I decided to deal with the situation by ordering a Papa Del’s pizza, and eating the entire thing myself. The digestive after-effects did do the trick with distracting me from my freshman troubles. Into the next day even.  

“Papa Del’s does seem to have lodged itself in my memory forever.”