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Scott Altman

Scott Altman

NASA astronaut | Flew 4 shuttle missions | Class of 1981

Scott ‘Scooter’ Altman (BS ’81) spent 51 days in space — and countless nights in Lincoln Hall.

“One of my favorite places on campus,” said the Lincoln native, who went on to work for ASRC Federal Space and Defense in Maryland following a NASA career that included four space shuttle missions. 

During his college days in C-U, the 2018 grand marshal of the homecoming parade was a regular in the upstairs museum — and whatever classroom happened to be empty, which would be his studying spot for the night.

“Funny that one of my fondest memories is of studying,” he says. “It might be related to the fact that I always tried to find a girl to go studying with at Lincoln Hall.”

A retired U.S. Navy captain who was aboard Atlantis in 2009 for the fifth and final mission servicing the Hubble Telescope, Altman also has his own IMDB page. His one acting credit was a memorable one — as a young pilot, he made $23 a day playing a stunt double in “Top Gun.” (That’s his middle finger saluting a pilot in the Russian plane while flying upside down).

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