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Steve Huang

Steve Huang

Senior counsel | Panasonic | Class of 1995

It’s tough to top two of the first things Steve Huang experienced upon arriving at the UI as a wide-eyed freshman psychology major. 

"I remember going to Foellinger Auditorium for my first college class, surprisingly running into and getting served lunch by my junior high school bully at the ISR dorm cafeteria and walking by the sorority house near the Psychology Building and seeing one of the cute sorority girls wave hello to me as I passed by," says Huang, now the Los Angeles-based senior counsel for Panasonic.

"But the one that stands out to me most was this small Korean restaurant on Green Street. I believe it was called Seoul. Back in the day, everything was new and exciting to me as a freshman on campus. There weren’t any Taiwanese restaurants on campus — I’m Taiwanese — though, so I didn’t have any options for familiar food from my culture.

"Thankfully, my roommate introduced me to Seoul. It was a tiny restaurant, probably no more than 600 square feet with little space to sit and eat. It was mostly a takeout place. But it was wonderful.

"The food carried similar themes to that of my culture, and my roommate, friends and I would get it every other week or so to take back to our dorm rooms at FAR to eat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company."