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Bob Purvy

Bob Purvy

Ret. software engineer | Google | Class of 1972

Retired Google engineer Bob Purvy's spot is the Illini Union vending room, "where in the fall of 1969, my roommate got me into a group of 10 students who were waiting for tickets to the Rolling Stones concert.

"This was the first instance of what became a tradition, and no one knew for certain that the Stones were actually coming. Nevertheless, we waited for a week, 24 hours a day, and roll was called every hour.

"So, for five hours a day, I had to do my shift. The Stones did come, with B.B. King as the warmup act, and I was in the fifth row. Still probably the greatest concert I’ve ever gone to, and when I went to the Union in 2012, the vending room was still there.”