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Michael Osacky

Michael Osacky

President | Baseballintheattic.com | Class of 2002

What Michael Osacky (’02) wouldn’t give for a beef sandwich, side of coleslaw and a cola from Po’ Boys right about now.

For the uninitiated, the late, great “Po’ Boys was a restaurant nestled on the outskirts of Campustown. It was in business for over 50 years before closing in 2006. Arnie (Yarber) and his son, Daryl, ran the institution famous for polish sausages, beef sandwiches and ribs,” Osacky says from Chicago, where he’s president of Michael Osacky Sports Memorabilia Appraisals and Baseballintheattic.com.

“Po’ Boys was only open on the weekends. I can remember many times sitting in class on a late Thursday afternoon thinking ahead to the weekend. The first thing I would always think about was Po’ Boys.

“There was a secret room in the back area of the restaurant. It was very small and it was by invite-only. Arnie would hand-pick his favorite customers and invite them into the back, where one would have a beer or maybe two with Arnie and a few other ‘special’ patrons.

“The stories that were told in that room weekend after weekend were nothing short of legendary.”