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Amanda Moncada-Perkins

Amanda Moncada-Perkins

Principal consultant and founder | Stoutegy of Chicago | Class of 2010

One part mentor. One part coach. One part inspiration.

Psycholinguistics Professor J. Kathryn Bock was all that — and them some — to 2010 alumna-turned-attorney/author/consultant Amanda Moncada-Perkins.

“Professor Bock took me on as a senior honors thesis student and allowed me to study under her for a full year,” Moncada-Perkins says from Chicago. “She helped push my academic, research and analytic comfort zone.

“Working with Professor Bock allowed me to develop a deeper appreciation for academia. I remember I told her that I was interested in pursuing a law degree. She told me that she was going to work to change my mind and help me pursue my Ph.D. in psychology. Though I still went on to pursue law, her words and influence stayed with me.

“She was an inspiration. She even wrote me a stellar letter of recommendation for law school. I love scholarship, reading and writing. And, I would not be surprised if I find myself researching and writing yet again in the future.”

Moncada-Perkins’ most memorable spot on campus had nothing to do with law or psychology. Like many non-engineering majors, she spent countless hours studying in the Grainger Library.

“Though I was a student of LAS, Grainger was home for me,” she says. “I spent most of my time on the second floor in the Grand Gallery with the open seating. It was beautiful.

“A lot of my academic magic happened there. For some reason, my creative juices ran better when I was in that building. The amount of time I spent there rivaled any engineering student, without question.

“There was something about the tall ceilings, decorative lamps and brown furniture that made me feel like I could conquer any assignment that came my way. The architecture and the atmosphere was wonderful.

"I would suggest that every student deserves to have a place like Grainger for purposes of studying — a place that ignites thought, interest and comfort. After all, that’s exactly what the college experience should be.”