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Beth Jones

Beth Jones

COO, Hillary for America | Ex-White House director | Class of 1996

Before she held titles like COO of Hillary for America and director of White House administration, Beth Jones spent a lot of quality time at Delta Gamma, Allen Hall and Cochrane’s.

Among other places.

“I remember studying, hanging out at FAR for the air conditioning, going to The Orange for grilled cheese and fries, waitressing at Pizza Hut on John Street and getting a quarter as a tip from a professor, and learning the value of a dollar by pulling one out of the toilet at Cochrane’s, my favorite bar because you could dance and play pool.

“I remember meeting my first gay friend when I lived at Allen Hall, studying, learning that my roommate had just played pool with Adam Sandler and thinking I would never get over missing out on that opportunity. We had performed a trick that involved flipping over each other’s backs on the Quad to get tickets to his show that night, but I went home afterwards.

“I remember painting my face for football games, studying, trying out for everything and making nothing, playing broomball with my Delta Gamma sisters, not getting into Harvard Law School and then having to initiate 50 pledges into my sorority, quarter beers at Kam’s or C.O.’s, rollerblading to class and listening to the a capella group that sang about our library being built underground.

“I remember learning in a sociology class that black women pay more for cars than anyone else in the United States, and being completely distraught by said fact; getting coffee out of a vending machine at the library — before the days of Starbucks; and doing beer bongs from my own homemade beer bong — thank you, Menards.

“I remember peeing on the Quad on mother’s weekend while my mom watched in horror, or amazement, and said ‘Ladies, ladies, ladies’ but then joined in, and most importantly, learning from a TA that success is how you define it.

"And, oh yeah, studying.”