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People 20 Obamas

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Nancy Rosenstengel

Chief judge

Southern District of Illinois

Jayda Imanlihen

Director of Multimedia Design & Production, Bovard College, University of Southern California

Executive Director, Black Girl Film School

Nisha Chittal

Director of audience and engagement


Jennifer Gover Bannon

Assistant city attorney

City of Champaign

Duane Cyrus

Director, Theatre of Movement

UNC-Greensboro professor

Jaylin McClinton

Community organizer

Obama Foundation

Lisa Brown

Former majority leader

Washington state Senate

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An education that proves your purpose

Chloe Johnston

Experience analyst, Obama Foundation

Past president, UI Black Alumni Network

Bryana Holcomb


BlackDoctor, Inc.

Jeff Osuji

Co-founder, Eventnoire

Past president, UI Black Alumni Network

Mark Pelczarski

Software developer

Obama for America, 2011-12

Michael Van Valkenburgh

Award-winning architect

Hired for Obama library

Reggie Brown

Barack Obama impersonator

Comedian, speaker

David Adeleye

Policy specialist

Obama White House

Riley Roberts

Former chief speech writer

Attorney general’s office

Tom Lamont

Assistant Army Secretary

Obama Administration

Eboo Patel

Faith advisor

Obama Administration

Pat Basu


Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Michael Strautmanis

Vice president

Barack Obama Foundation

Beth Jones

COO, Hillary for America

Ex-White House director

Neel Kashkari

President, Minneapolis Fed

Administrator, TARP, 2008-09