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Tony Russo

Tony Russo

VP/legislative affairs | T-Mobile, USA | Class of 1991

Tough to say who Tony Russo ('91) learned from more — Steve Stricker, his old UI golf teammate and a 12-time winner on the PGA Tour, or Skip from the Guitar Shop.

"I went Illinois on a partial golf scholarship so I have many fond memories of being with the team on the Orange and the Blue courses," says T-Mobile's VP of legislative affairs. "Of course, I have to mention the rounds played with soon-to-be Hall of Fame golfer Steve Stricker. We all learned a lot from Steve.

"I also have very fond memories of time spent at the Guitar Shop with Skip. He was such a happy guy that made dealing with classes and tests bearable. My love for playing the guitar was really ignited by our long conversations about Eric Clapton, SRV and many others. 

"For Skip, it was not about the money but the friendships he made and fostering the love of the guitar to students.

"The guitar has helped through many tough times  since then, including illness and getting through the bar exam, to name a few. I still play every morning since the 'Skip days.'"