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Marian Kuethe Wyatt

30-year music teacher, choral director

Centennial High School

Mark Stryker

Author, ‘Jazz from Detroit’

Award-winning arts reporter/critic

Keitaro Harada

Opera and symphonic conductor

Savannah Philharmonic

Brian Courtney Wilson

Gospel & contemporary Christian singer

2015 Traditional Gospel Album Of Year

Greg Spero

Progressive jazz pianist

Toured with Halsey, founded Spirit Fingers

Darren Guccione

Distinguished alumni award

CEO, Keeper Security, Inc.

Koushalya Subramanian

Revenue research


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Aaron Kaplan

Orchestra director

Glenbrook North/South HS

Marilyn Joy Coles

Professor emerita

Eastern Illinois University

Pat McAtee

Dept. of Pediatrics

Baylor College of Medicine

Kenneth David Jackson

Professor of Portuguese


Lucia Lin


Boston Symphony Orchestra

Lynn Solar

aka Marilyn Cosby

Singer, songwriter

Jo Major

CEO, SensThys

Partner, InSite Partners

Ken Baker

Regional managing principal


Bob Cesarone

Asst. program manager

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Donnacha Dennehy

Irish composer

Won Fedora Prize

Mike Lichodziejewski

Sr. mgr., preschool gaming

Hasbro Games

John Schippman

Director of studio content

NBC Sports Chicago

Elizabeth Elmore

Assistant appeals counsel

Int'l Criminal Tribunals

Carol Brighton


CSBrighton Consulting

Kallen Esperian

International opera singer

Performed with Pavarotti

John Schlitt

Original lead vocalist

Head East

Jon Burr

Renowned bassist

Founded arrangerforhire.com

Steve Timble

Global account executive

The Wall Street Journal