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Jessica Murphy

Jessica Murphy

BibRave co-founder | Formerly of Runner’s World, Nike | Class of 2004

You didn't need to buy a ticket to see Illinois' premier show choir in action back when Jessica Murphy was a member of the group.

Where the famed Cutting Edge Show Choir rehearsed — in the fish bowl of the Music Building — meant anyone walking down West Nevada Street at the right time of day could get a sneak peek.

“Because the fish bowl was lined with windows facing the street, it was the only place on campus we had access to a piano and windows that could serve like mirrors for learning choreography," says Murphy, a 2004 advertising grad who went on to serve as managing director of Runner's World and in 2013 co-founded BibRave.com.

"It also served to be even more entertaining when people would walk by, awkwardly stare and gawk, and occasionally try to do some choreography with us.”

Murphy's three years as a member of the show choir were the highlight of her Illini experience. That includes the post-practice Wednesday night tradition — a trip to Legends "for $1 beer and rum and Coke," she says. 

"Those were the days."