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People 25 1972

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Craig Cinotto

Executive adjuster

Litigation Adjusters

Richard Lutz

Professor of marketing

University of Florida

Bonner Denton

Professor of chemistry, biochemistry

University of Arizona

Tom Colberg


CardioSpark LLC

Kirk Stephens


Marker InfoComm

Ellen Greaves

Mediator, consultant, attorney

Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

Young Lim

Manager, finance/accounting

NBC/Universal Media

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Mike Harring

Retired VP

Deere & Company

Michael Smeltzer


Former UI professor

Steve Chicoine

Former oilman

Management consultant

Kevin Stotmeister


Federal Health Sign

Ronald Marcuson

Retired tax partner

Ernst & Young

Saul Morse

Springfield attorney

Brown, Hay & Stephens

Frederick Volkmar

Yale professor

Alumni Achievement Award

Mike VanBlaricum

Research engineer

‘14 Lou Liay Spirit Award

Pramod Varshney

Syracuse professor

Distinguished Alumni Award

Bob Purvy

Ret. software engineer


Tom Lamont

Assistant Army Secretary

Obama Administration

Linda Birnbaum

NIEHS director

Distinguished Alumni Award

John Axness

Picture editor

Showtime’s ‘Ray Donovan’

Tim McCarthy

Former Secret Service agent

Police chief, Orland Park

Marianne Boruch

Acclaimed poet

Purdue professor

Dan Balz

Chief correspondent

The Washington Post

Clifford Saper

Harvard professor

Groundbreaking neuroscientist

Mary Doria Russell

Science fiction author

2-time Pulitzer nominee