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Chris Chae

Chris Chae

Strategy and innovation manager | Walmart | Class of 2016

A quiet, cozy place to study was only part of the appeal of the Undergraduate Library to Chris Chae.

“UGL was a place not just for study but to share life, have fun and build dreams with friends,” says Walmart’s strategy and innovation manager (BS ’16, business administration).

“Folks whom I studied with at the UGL are still in touch with me today. They went out there, and they are accomplishing all of the things we’ve talked about while studying for ECON 203 and 302 and BADM 449S.

“I would always get a medium Americano at the Espresso Royale, walk into the first floor and spot my friends sitting together at a table.

“UGL holds many of my fond memories of college. It has been my favorite place since day one at the University of Illinois.”