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David Goldberg

David Goldberg

Founder, Threejoy Associates | UI professor emeritus

For David Goldberg’s money, you can’t beat the Transportation Building, “with its cool art deco railroad wheel architectural accents that highlight the early locomotive trains and the original uses of the building."

"The building also reminds me of the generations of students who learned engineering graphics in the building, and how the technology of drawing has moved from pencil, pen, and vellum to keyboard, mouse, and AUTOCAD," says Goldberg, who in 2011 resigned as a tenured UI profesor to take on a far bigger job: transforming higher education as we know it.

"I think of the hundreds of General Engineering students who learned senior design in one of the earliest and best industrially sponsored senior design courses on the planet. I think about the thousands of Illinois engineers who enrich our lives through engineering, entrepreneurship and creativity."

After leaving the UI, Goldberg founded Douglas, Mich.-based ThreeJoy Associates. As he describes his mission in his LinkedIn bio:

"Change is coming to higher ed like a freight train, but even in good times, being an academic leader can be like herding cats. In transforming higher education you must take special steps to keep the long claws from coming out. If you're bringing major changes to your institution or to your academic career, give me a call."