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Deb Busey

Deb Busey

40 years in local government | Champaign County administrator, 1998-2016 | Class of 1975

When Deb Busey thinks back to her days at Illinois, the first place her mind goes is always the same. 

“The English Building is the place on campus to which I most closely associate — because it is on the Quad, because of its great architecture, and especially because of my experiences within," says the longtime Champaign County administrator and 1975 UI grad.

“The classroom of Professor Gary Adelman was a place where we all benefited from his unique, powerful and inspirational style of engaging instruction. I had loved books my entire life, but never really considered how to put that love to practical use.

"It was Professor Adelman’s challenge to pursue your passion that helped me know declaring a major in literature was the right thing for me.”