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Greg Read

Greg Read

Partner, Sedgwick Law | San Francisco | Class of 1964

Five-plus decades later, Greg ('64) and Mary Beth ('65) Read still long for Spudnuts — “a little slice of heaven we’ve remembered all these years,” Greg says. 

"It was a unique little donut shop on the east side of campus in the early ’60s, which served piping hot donuts made to order before your eyes," says Greg, who took his then-girlfriend and now bride of 52 years there on many a wintertime date.

“We would enter the shop and immediately be enveloped with the wonderful, sweet smell of freshly made donuts. We’d sit on stools at a counter and watch as the donuts were cooked to a golden brown in a big vat of hot oil, turned by the waiters with long, wooden sticks. 

“The donuts were then plucked from the oil and dipped into our favorite frosting before being delivered by those same sticks directly to our plates. You had to wait for them to cool a bit before putting the first morsel into your mouth.

"The donuts would simply melt in your mouth."