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Theresa Lopez

Theresa Lopez

Global marketing manager | Universal Music Group | Class of 2012

We say Illinois, Theresa Lopez says ... Busey Dining Hall, where the 2012 advertising grad reported for work for three of her four years on campus.

“I started the gig at Busey as a sophomore looking for work in the residence hall where I lived. I felt like I needed to complement my sweet living quarters with an even sweeter two-minute commute to work by working in the dining hall situated in the basement,” says Universal Music Group’s LA-based global marketing manager.

“It’s funny to think about how my once-dream commute has turned into an hour-and-a-half drive to and fro the confines of Universal Music Group, each day.

“I didn’t live at Busey forever, but I worked at Busey for nearly all of college. I typically worked breakfast and late night, just so I could work the coffee machine and study at the same time.

"We were like a family, who shared a special bond that could only be formed by having someone’s leftovers splashed somewhere on your face. We laughed while washing dishes, secretly studied for finals while working the checkout systems, and struggled together on our way to becoming hard-working, contributing members of society.

“We also played a ton of music at the graces of our lenient supervisors. We would put our cell phones into plastic cups to amplify the sound, dance, review the music we were streaming and have fun.

"It was the best start to my career in music that I could have ever asked for. It taught me the value of finding joy in everything you do, no matter how undesirable it may seem, and taught me the importance of a good working environment.

“A special thanks to my coworkers at Busey for giving me the highlight of my college experience, ever so instrumental in guiding me on a bigger journey to pursue a career in the music industry.”