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Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

Chief operating officer | Navy Pier | Class of 1989

Now-Navy Pier COO Brian Murphy (BA ’89) met some of his closest friends in Weston, Hopkins, Scott and Taft halls — including the fella behind his most embarrassing freshman moment.

“I was standing at our first-floor window in Weston Hall when a girl from my class walked by. My roommate yelled ‘I love you!’ and quickly ducked. I could do nothing but simply wave. Things were pretty awkward at class the next day.

"But there was nothing more memorable than freshman year living in the Six Pack. Specifically, I lived on the first floor of Weston Hall in 1985, while several good friends stayed in Hopkins and Scott. We would meet at one of our floors to play cards, either rummy or hearts, for hours on end. 

"We also had a free-weight gym in the basement of Taft that maybe four people knew about. We met so many new friends while living in the Six Pack, many of whom I still keep in touch with today."