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Terry Welch

Terry Welch

Texas law partner | Brown & Hofmeister | Class of 1976

Forty-plus years later, Richardson, Texas attorney Terry Welch (’76) still smiles whenever he thinks about Lincoln Hall — though “not because it was beautiful, or that I blossomed as an aspiring attorney in its classrooms.”

Nope, Welch’s memory has to do with the blooper that, thankfully, no one captured on film.

“I humiliated myself in the entryway one cold, snowy winter day. I was late for my constitutional law class and was making pretty good time across the Quad to get to class in Lincoln Hall on time. I ran into the building, not noticing the floor was wet from snow that had just fallen that afternoon. 

“Once I got into the doorway and the marble-floored entrance hall, I suddenly realized that the floor was very wet. I then proceeded to do a slow motion fall, sliding and falling most of the way across the marble floor. My books went flying out of my hands and mercifully, my head did not hit the marble floor. 

“After having several students ask me whether I was hurt or needed immediate medical attention, I got up as fast as I could and made it to class just after the bell sounded. Once seated, I suffered the further embarrassment of my fellow classmates asking me why my winter coat and pants were soaking wet. Apparently I was dripping on the floor as I sat at the desk.

“Every time I go back to Lincoln Hall, I now enter at a slow, respectful pace.”