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Janet Gannon

Janet Gannon

Corp. development director | Transcendia | Class of 1997

Every cherished memory Janet Gannon has from her time at the UI involves teaching in one way or another.

"During my last year of undergrad and throughout all three years in law school, I taught and tutored varsity athletes for the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics at Memorial Stadium. I spent many school nights and Sunday evenings schlepping on foot or riding my bike to the stadium during the dead of winter to help the football and basketball players pass their 'Triple E' exams," says the two-degree UI grad (BA '94, English; JD '97).

"While in law school, I participated in interdisciplinary study within the Graduate School of English and landed a position as a rhetoric instructor.  Words alone can’t describe the feeling of being able to teach my own class in the historic, albeit rickety, English building on the Quad

"Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I would feel like I had my very own 'Dead Poets Society.'

“But my fondest memory of all is helping my then boyfriend and now husband of nearly 18 years — Sean Gannon (BFA, art education '99) — teach Saturday art school at the School of Art & Design, coincidentally located across from the law school. 

"Every Saturday at the crack of dawn, he would to buy me doughnuts and coffee from the Ye Olde Donut Shop on First and Green Street before we had to be at the Art Building by 7:30 a.m. It was such a joy to be his 'art assistant' while helping him teach art to first- and third-graders.”