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Jeanne Harris

Jeanne Harris

Business analytics lecturer | Columbia University | Class of 1975

Jeanne Harris’ spot is the reference reading room at the Main Library — “a beautiful, old-fashioned space with wooden bookcases lining the walls, high windows and orderly rows of long wooden tables,” as the Ivy League business analytics management lecturer remembers it.

“One night,” says Harris (MS ’75), “I was there just before closing time to meet a classmate who worked the late shift in the circulation department. He mentioned that we could ‘shuffle off to Buffalo’ as soon as he finished closing up for the night. I confessed that I never learned to tap dance, which lead to an impromptu dance lesson.

“Others soon joined us, and suddenly we had a chorus line of librarians kicking their way across the reading room while loudly singing ‘I Don’t Care.’ I imagine this was inspired by a viewing of Judy Garland in ‘In the Good Old Summertime,’ but I can’t be certain of this.  

“I still smile when I think of those supposedly shy and demure librarians, boisterously singing and dancing their way down the aisle.”