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Jim Lundeen

Jim Lundeen

President/CEO | Lundeen Software | Class of 1977

These are a few of Jim Lundeen's favorite things:

— Professor: George Anner, transistor engineering course.

— Non-electrical engineering course: Mechanical Engineering 210. "I set the curve in this tough course required of MEs, not EE’s."

— Hangouts: Digital Computer Lab, back when punch cards were still in use, and the 'V-room' — the vending room in the Illini Union's first floor east wing.

"The most studious and intense overachievers set up camp in the V-room, taking over entire tables and maintaining camp for weeks on end," Lundeen recalls. "The V-room was open 24/7/365 and was so full of experts that anything you needed to know could be found there — prior to search engines and prior to Google.

"I owe much to my V-room friends for encouragement, motivation and enlightenment."