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People 36 Chief Illiniwek

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Monica Eng

Chicago reporter, Axios

Five-time James Beard Award nominee

Ann McBrien

First woman to serve as VP/sales at Procter & Gamble

Started UIAA Comeback program, Illini Pride founding board member

Doug Laney

Gartner VP/distinguished analyst

Best-selling author, ‘Infonomics’

Bruce Singman

LA-based attorney

Former Illini fullback

Mike Gonzalez


Secession Golf Club

Adam Hamilton

Manager, global content & editorial planning


Reese Reynolds

Director, Human Resources

Lockheed Martin Space

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Joe Halwax

Sr. VP, managing director

PNC of Chicago

Bart Eklund



Jay Brown

Chairman, CEO

Vetgate Global

Karen Frame


Makeena, Inc.

John Norkus

Managing director

Chicago consulting firm

Jennifer Chochola Tan

PR manager

Newport Aquarium

Jennifer Kuechler


Strategic Link Consulting

Lise Dominique

Broadcaster, author

HarveyDoodle Productions

Katie Foody

Denver-based reporter

The Associated Press

Philip Sarnecki

Managing partner

RPS Financial Group, Inc.

Maddie Kelly

Executive director

Oak Lawn Park District

Tom Livingston

Chief Illiniwek 27

Regional VP, CSX

Jim Thompson

Illinois’ 37th governor (1977-91)

Died in 2020 at age 84

John Creech

Chief Illiniwek 31

Johnson & Johnson Vision

Vincent Lee

Breaking news editor/China

Reuters of Beijing

Kurt Gruben

Chief Illiniwek 28

Specialist, Ossur Americas

Marc Jackson

Former Illini safety

VP/Madison Square Garden

Bruce Blair

Nuclear security expert

Won 1999 'Genius' grant