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Karla Vallance

Karla Vallance

Writer, author | Former AOL, Christian Science Monitor editor

An ode to Uni High, from one of its most esteemed journalism alums:

“It’s hard to nail down (her UI experience) to just one person, place or thing,” Boston-based author/writer Karla Vallance says before rattling off a list of a few of her favorites.

Garcia’s Pizza. Papa Del’s. The student union building. My old house with eight housemates at 1005 W. California, across from Krannert that has since been torn down.

“But the campus place that I hold closest to my heart is Uni High. Yes, when you’re a kid it is a blast to attend school right on a college campus. But that slightly gothic, gargoyle-bedecked building held a tight community, excellent education — and taught me creativity. And taught me that not only is it totally fine to be different, it is important and valued.

“That’s a huge lesson that stays with me every day.”