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Julia Azari

Julia Azari

American presidency expert | Author, Marquette professor | Class of 2002

The Quad isn't just Julia Azari's favorite spot on campus. 

“It remains probably my favorite place in the entire world, maybe second only to Milwaukee’s lakefront parks," says the Wisconsinite, since 2007 an associate professor of political science at Marquette.

"It’s especially beautiful in the fall as the leaves turn. Standing on the south tip of the Quad, facing Greg Hall, with the library behind me, I can still remember the feeling of a racing pulse as I’d think about everything there was to be learned.

"Yeah, I’m a big nerd.

"And, of course, just a few steps from the Quad is one of my favorite lunch spots of all time: Thai at the Y. Some of my favorite memories from college involve meeting up with friends there, eating delicious Thai food and laughing until we cried.”