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Kevin McFall

Kevin McFall

Principal, Red Clay Digital | Past president, UI Black Alumni Network | Class of 1986

Kevin McFall’s spin down memory lane begins at the Illini Union, site of so many “treasured memories.”

First stop: the famed Vending Room.

“It was a room with vending machines and microwave ovens, where individuals and small groups gathering for studying into the late hours and even overnight into the next morning,” says the principal at Chicago’s Red Clay Digital and COO at the Inner City Computer Stars Foundation. “It was a central gathering place that very often rivaled the Undergraduate Library and was the destination after the undergrad library closed.”

Stop No. 2: the Union ballroom.

“The ballroom played host to many famed African-American fraternity and sorority dance parties,” says McFall (BS ’86/computer science, math). “As the mobile DJ for these events, we were there before, during and after the events, which provided amazing perspectives on how the room was transformed into one of the best social hubs during our early- to mid-’80s era time on campus.”

Stop No. 3: the Armory on Fourth — a favorite stop of McFall’s for several reasons, “including a few classes and most infamously, the course registration process, which prior to networked computing was a manual process conducted by staff and administration.”

The fourth, and final stop: Foellinger.

“I want to recognize the opportunity I had to take the famous Classical Civilization class with professor Richard T. Scanlan in Foellinger Hall. His ability to bring the stories to life by dressing as some of the great Greek philosophers made the course one of the best.

“Additionally, Foellinger played host to the annual student-run and produced Cotton Club student talent show and most memorable was the Black Congratulatory Celebration, celebrating the commencement of African-American students.”