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Luke Bujarski

Luke Bujarski

Founder, CEO | LUFT Global Research

Luke Bujarski’s trip down memory lane begins at Temple Buell Hall, home to his favorite faculty member of them all.

“I decided to go back to UIUC for my master’s with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, after having spent time working for industry in supply chain in Chicago and then abroad in London, England,” the LUFT founder/CEO and two-degree UI grad says from New York.

“I have very fond memories of Temple Buell Hall working with Dr. Edward Feser, the entire faculty and staff, students, and socials and collaboration with the Architecture School.

“Meandering along the south Quad, to the Foreign Languages Building, where I had spent four years of my life as an undergrad with the Spanish department. Also, the College of Law just down Peabody Drive from Temple Buell.

“Laying around in the grass in the main Quad soaking it all in. That small corner of the world still holds great significance for me.”