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Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones

Actor with 50+ credits | Appeared on ‘Scandal,’ ‘General Hospital’ | Class of 1992

In Matthew Jones’ day, there wasn’t a wilder, zanier, more happening dorm at Illinois than the one he was lucky to have lived in.

Here’s to Forbes Hall.

“I often describe it as one of the loudest, most fun places on campus,” says the marketing whiz turned actor from the Class of 1992.

“Of all the residence halls, none were as exciting as the cluster referred to as the Six Pack. Of the Six Pack, our half — Forbes, Garner and Hopkins — was the slightly wilder side.

“And who was the hilarity champ of the Gregory side of the Six Pack?  You guessed it — Forbes Hall.

“I was fortunate to serve as our third floor president for two years, as well as our judiciary board representative. The students of Forbes were hard-working and fun-loving but an overall respectful group of students who wanted not only to learn, but to have experiences worth remembering and sharing.

“There are friends from Forbes Hall that I know for sure I’ll have for the rest of my life.”