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Brian Courtney Wilson

Gospel & contemporary Christian singer

2015 Traditional Gospel Album Of Year

Irving Azoff

2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee

CEO, Azoff MSG Entertainment

Natasha Samreny

Standup comedian

Head writer, Florida Studio Theatre

Jeffrey Lieber

TV/film screenwriter/producer

‘Lost’ co-creator

Matthew Jones

Actor with 50+ credits

Appeared on ‘Scandal,’ ‘General Hospital’

Troy Pryor

Founder, CEO

Creative Cypher, GOOD Network

Randy Buhr

Director of championships and alliances


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Cassandra Cushman

Actress, storyteller

Owner, The Freaky Witch

Jonathan Kite

Actor, comedian

CBS' ‘2 Broke Girls’

Jonathan Sadowski


‘Live Free or Die Hard'

Frank Jennings

Atlanta-based actor

‘Selma,’ ‘Primary Colors’

Paul Farahvar

Chicago attorney, comedian

Farahvar Law Group

Jon Lee Brody

LA-based filmmaker

Iron Will Productions

Tiff Williams


Warner Brothers Studios

Lorraine Devon Wilke


Huff Post contributor

Judi Schindler

Speaker, actor, author

‘Husbands: An Owner’s Manual’

Adria Dawn


15 movies, 19 TV series

Marra Gad

Director, president

Egad! Productions

Chris Landreth

Award-winning animator

2004 Oscar for ‘Ryan’

Reggie Brown

Barack Obama impersonator

Comedian, speaker

Justin Gordon


‘Age of the Living Dead’

Larry Beyah

Stand-up comedian

Gotham Comedy Club

Alexander Djordjevic

Concert pianist

Grace Welsh Prize for Piano

Marty Casey

Rock singer, guitarist

The Lovehammers

Tom Lopinski

Music licensing director

Disney/ABC TV Group