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Michelle Boulé

Michelle Boulé

Choreographer, dancer, teacher | Life coach | Class of 1999

If not for a persistent professor, who knows how dancer/choreographer/teacher Michelle Boulé would have spent these past two decades?

Linda Lehovec, one of my ballet teachers, literally opened my eyes to the fact that I was dancing and could dance, without injury, after having quit for two years,” says Boulé (BFA ’99, dance), who in 2018 was presented with a Distinguished Legacy Award by the UI’s College of Fine + Applied Arts.

“What followed,” she remembers, “was an invitation to join the dance program, and a 20-year successful professional career in New York City and internationally, which continues to unfold and thrive to this day.

“I had so many (impactful) teachers — really, every single one in the dance program and different teachers in Spanish, sociology and English, people whose names I may not remember but who left the imprint of teachers dedicated to the potential, curiosity and advancement of their students.

“That is one of the best gifts a young person can have.”