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Mike Santana

Mike Santana

Assistant professor of mathematics | Grand Valley State | Class of 2016

Leave it to a mathematician to choose a labyrinth of a building as his campus go-to spot.

“As a graduate student in mathematics, I spent most of my days in Altgeld Hall, which has many beautiful quirks — like the staircase going from the first to third floors but not the second, or the very small fourth floor," says Grand Valley State Assistant Professor Mike Santana (MS/Ph.D. '16, mathematics).

“However, one of my favorite spots in Altgeld Hall was the stacks in the library. The glass floors, ironwork and old tomes make it one of the most amazing gems on the entire UIUC campus.

“Whenever I led tours for potential students, I would always take them to the stacks and show them around.

“For me, there was always a sense of peace being in the stacks surrounded by so many amazing works, and it makes me happy to know that some my own work is there now.”