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George Danos


Champaign County

Karle Flanagan

UI Senior Instructor of Statistics

2019 recipient of Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Lee Cooper

Professor emeritus, marketing


Michael Munie

Founder, stealth AI company

Former Google software engineer

Kishor Trivedi

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Duke University

Evan Glazer

Head of school

The Avenues: The World School

Jerred Pauwels

VP/strategic partnerships

John Deere

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An education that proves your purpose

Xin Wang

Assistant professor, U of Wisconsin

Civil and environmental engineering

Morgan Polikoff

Associate professor of education


Howard Aizenstein

2019 LAS Alumni Achievement Award

Physician, scientist, Pitt professor

Mike Santana

Assistant professor of mathematics

Grand Valley State

Brian Benson

Visiting assistant professor


Susan Standiford

Chief technology officer

IKEA Group

Lynne Thieme

Software engineer

Trustee, Delta Gamma Foundation

Richard Herman

Chancellor, 2005-09

Professor of math, education

Eric Loeb

Data scientist


Jason Cong

Distinguished chancellor’s professor

Computer science, UCLA

Ed Perkins

Canada research chair in probability

University of British Columbia

James Holzhauer

Professional sports gambler

Won $2,464,216 on 'Jeopardy!'

Mehb Khoja


Medical Risk Managers, Inc.

Hannah Bonecutter

Founder/owner, BoneClutter LLC

Teacher, tutor, actress

Dan Naiman

Professor of applied math, statistics

Johns Hopkins

Xuming He

Professor of statistics

University of Michigan

Steve Skiena

Professor of computer science

Stony Brook University

Doug Laney

Gartner VP/distinguished analyst

Best-selling author, ‘Infonomics’