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Nicole Kulovany

Nicole Kulovany

Runway model | 2015 Miss New York USA | Class of 2007

She’s the 2015 Miss New York City USA. He’s a high-powered lawyer. 

How they met is not exactly the stuff that Hallmark cards are made of. 

"I was dressed in a black lace top with a ribbon, dancing and enjoying the night at The Clybourne," recalls runway model and 2007 grad Nicole Kulovany. "I thought maybe he looked Puerto Rican so as we were exiting the bar. I told my friend to hold on one sec. 

“I went up to him and asked if he was in fact that nationality. He said ‘No, but I can be if you want me to be’ and asked me if I’d go to dinner with him. I thought it was odd because we were at a college bar. 

“Fast-forward 11 years and it’s been an off-off-again romance that resembles Al Pacino’s ‘Scarface’ and ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’

"His name is Reza Mirzaie, aka ‘Super Lawyer,’ and my name is Nicole Kulovany, aka ‘Miss NY.’”