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Sue Byrne

Sue Byrne

Writer/editor | Consumer Reports (2003-16)

Luxurious, it was not. But as far as Sue (Nasenbeny) Byrne was concerned, you couldn’t beat the location of the former journalism grad’s student’s tiny efficiency apartment at Illini Manor on East Chalmers.

“I could scoot over to The Daily Grind for coffee before trekking over to Greg Hall, get the most delicious — and cheap — crepes in the basement of the University YMCA on Wright for lunch, and later veer over to Bubby and Zadie’s on Green Street for a bagel and cream cheese,” says the veteran health writer/editor, whose past stops include Consumer Reports (2003-16), Reader’s Digest (2000-02) and Conde Nast (1996-2000).

“It was a great location. I could let off some steam running around the Armory track just a block away or take skating lessons next door at the ice rink.

“But the best part was the people I met in that building — some who are still my friends today — who majored in everything from architecture to microbiology and came from places all over the globe. The hallways always smelled delicious and exotic. It opened my Midwestern eyeballs, for sure.”