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Rasheda Ali Walsh

Speaker, author

Daughter of Muhammad Ali

Darnell Leatherwood

Founder, Black Boys Shine!

Founding member, My Brother's Keeper Alliance Action Team

Angela Sinickas

2020 Alumni Achievement Award

International corporate communication researcher

Craig Virgin

1975 NCAA Cross-Country champion

Illinois Athletics Hall of Famer

Erika Jones

Leadership development facilitator

United Airlines

Gretchen Gscheidle

Former design director

Herman Miller, Inc.

Kurt Kittner

Managing director

JLL of Chicago

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An education that proves your purpose

Kendra Smiley

Author, speaker, host

2001 Illinois Mother of the Year

Immanuel Chu

Georgia pastor, public speaker

Prized Ron Zook football recruit

April Warren-Grice


Liberated Genius, LLC

Suzanne Bates

Longtime TV anchor

Bates Communications CEO

Doug Laney

Gartner VP/distinguished analyst

Best-selling author, ‘Infonomics’

Ann Quinn

CEO, Quintessential Edge of Australia

Peak performance specialist

Lori Bitter


The Business of Aging

Dave Briglio

Leadership trainer

Athletic Legacy Gameplan

Brandon Peele

Leadership consultant

Served on Interfraternity Council

John Livesay

Speaker, author

‘The Successful Pitch’

Tiana Tozer

2-time Paralympian

Consultant, speaker

Judi Schindler

Speaker, actor, author

‘Husbands: An Owner’s Manual’

Debra Berg

Author, speaker

CEO, NICE Network

Reggie Brown

Barack Obama impersonator

Comedian, speaker

Francine Parham

Author, speaker

‘Ultimate Career Pocket Guide’

Sima Dahl

International speaker

Personal branding specialist