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Sarah Baumgartner

Sarah Baumgartner

Deputy athletic director | Rutgers University | Class of 2005

As an Illini softball player turned Rutgers athletic administrator, Sarah Baumgartner has been around the Big Ten — and back — a time or two.

And she's here to tell you: "I may be biased but I absolutely think Illinois has the best Quad of any Big Ten school I’ve visited."

"When I wanted to read, study, find peace or spend time with my closest friends, I would always find myself on the Quad — in the middle of Foellinger and the Union

"It could be the middle of the afternoon — on an off day for softball — or in the middle of the night watching the stars. 

"I also found myself after Kam’s a few times sitting on the Alma Mater statue solving all the world's problems with a few of my closest teammates and friends. That's another favorite spot on campus."