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Sarah Holst Schryer

Sarah Holst Schryer

Assistant state’s attorney | Tazewell County | Class of 2007

An Illini love story, College of Law edition ...

“I still remember my first week of classes at the law school. For every 1L, the first time you’re ‘called on’ in class is a big, scary moment,” says 2007 law grad Sarah Holst Schryer, Tazewell County’s lead prosecutor for all child-victim cases.

“For me, it was in Property class our first week and I still remember the case I was called on to brief: Haslem v. Lockwood, a 19th century case about property rights to horse manure.

“I guess I did OK, because my now-husband leaned over to a friend and suggested they should ask me to join their study group. The rest is history."

“I have lots of great memories of favorite places in C-U outside of the law building — The Office and Courier Cafe in Urbana, which made the best milkshakes; the downtown Champaign bars and the usual Green Street spots, as well as Krannert Center and Timpone’s, where my husband and I had our first date.”