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Sonia Kazarova

Sonia Kazarova

California bakery CEO | Gluten Free Goddess | Class of 2006

For opera singer and LA-based Gluten Free Goddess Bakery owner Sonia Kazarova (’06), “my special spot would be the magnolia trees outside ISR Residence Hall, where I stayed as a freshman. 

“I remember those trees in full bloom and the midsummer night when the boy that I liked hid in its branches to surprise me when I came out to find him for a special date. I heard him calling and couldn’t see him — then I looked up through the branches of the tree, which was moonlit, to see his smiling face. He jumped down lightly and swept me up in his arms.

“Very romantic, eh?

“The young man who was the subject is a good friend to this day and I will always cherish those memories, from classes to romance, that happen in a young person’s life when they go to college. 

“Good times.”