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Marko Tomic

Marko Tomic

Production coordinator | Bravo Media | Class of 2007

If it was a Monday night in the mid-2000s, it’s a good bet you could find Marko Tomic (’07) at his favorite Campustown spot.

Man, does Bravo Media’s production coordinator ever miss the former White Horse Inn on Green.

“We went even when we couldn’t go hard — due to it being a school night, though we seldom cared — because the beer was cheap and the cheese fries were the best in town, mostly due to the premier ranch dressing found in the Midwest,” Tomic says from Los Angeles, where he’s lived since earning his BFA in theater.  

“There was nothing fancy about this bar, which prompted all patrons to come as you are. But the main reason we stuck to this regular schedule: Mike and Dave. Two chill dudes who came and sang our favorite fireside jams — Third Eye Blind, Dispatch, Tenacious D — while quietly strumming on their acoustic guitars. 

“We celebrated music, food, life ... but it was really all about nostalgia and the simpler things. Good friends and conversation over a drinking game to our favorite tunes from our high school years. We all cried when it was torn down, even though we were well into our late 20s, and only somewhat relieved when it was rebuilt elsewhere.  

“To us, it will always be a landmark of U of I and our college journey.”