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Phoebe Morgan

Phoebe Morgan

Editor/author | HarperCollins Publishers | Class of 2011

Phoebe Morgan’s path to HarperCollins Publishers of London started at 608 South Wright Street in Urbana.

"The place I think about when I remember UIUC is a classroom in the English department,” says the 2011 English language/literature grad, now an editor (commissions crime, thrillers and women’s fiction for HaperCollins’ Avon) and author (her debut book, the psychological thriller 'The Doll House,' came out last year).

“The tutor was great and the class forced me to share my work with the other students, something which I was terrified of but which actually proved a life-changing experience because their feedback encouraged me to go on and write a full-length novel when I got back to England.

“I remember passing out the copies of my writing and getting them back covered in red pen, then going to sit on the beautiful Quad outside and read the feedback.

“I will always credit that class with inspiring me to take writing seriously.”