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Sue Treiman

Sue Treiman

Associate director | KPMG Corporate Communications | Class of 1974

We say Illinois, KPMG Corporate Communications associate director Sue Treiman says ...

Garcia’s pizza comes to mind immediately, mostly because it was a tradition for me and my roommate, Sharon Cohen, to stop off to a slice of 'za, and a package of pinwheel cookies on the way back to our apartment after class — chased down, of course, with lots of chemically-altered and carcinogen-laced diet soda.

"We really knew our nutrition," says The Daily Illini's former academics editor.

“Other places that come to mind: The Brown Jug, where I spent many a freshman night dancing and drinking — just beer, of course — rather than studying, and Kam’s, where I spent many an evening indulging in similarly unhealthy food and drink. I loved absolutely everything about the University of Illinois and Campustown.

"And, to my credit, I appreciated that fact that it was likely to be one of the most magical times of my life — which it indeed was.”