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Autumn Saddler Williams

Autumn Saddler Williams

Technical recruiter | Google | Class of 2006

As anyone who saw her during her St. Louis Rams cheerleading days can attest, Autumn Saddler Williams can dance a little.

So after what the future Google recruiter witnessed at the Illini Union on her very first night on campus, she was “immediately sold on what my next few years would look like."

"I saw a small group of hip hop dancers performing — first in one of the ballrooms, then again outside on the Quad," she says.

"I tried out for the team, Dance 2XS, and never looked back — doing  Latino and AAA fashion shows, Cotton Clubs, Urbanite at The Canopy Club and practices in the basement of FAR.

"We eventually traveled across the globe together — performing in China, Portugal and countless U.S. cities. It taught me to go for it — and that anything was possible when you put your passions together with an amazing group of friends."