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Britney Robbins

Britney Robbins

Founder/CEO | Gray Matter Experience | Class of 2009

It didn’t take long at all for the Illini Union to have that home-away-from-home feel for Britney Robbins

“Having come to U of I not knowing a soul, it was where I formed a lot of the friendships I still hold dear today," says the founder/CEO of Gray Matter Experience, a Chicago nonprofit aimed at helping black students learn about and practice entrepreneurship.

"I remember eating in the Union for lunch the day of freshman orientation. I walked away from the table and came back to my father talking some poor soul to death. Little did I know then, my father’s gift for gab would land me one of my oldest friends to date.

"Throughout my time at U of I, I remember using the Union to study, meet up with friends, eat Chick-fil-A and nap between classes. Even now, when I visit the university, Illini Union is always one of my first stops.

"The gorgeous decor and buzzing energy got me through my days at the U of I.”