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Bruce Molitoris

Bruce Molitoris

Past president | Amer. Society of Nephrology | Class of 1973

Bruce Molitoris can sum up his Illini experience in four words. 

“My story would be ‘the faculty really care,'" says the Indiana University distinguished professor and past president of the American Society of Nephrology.

"As a freshman in the College of Agriculture, I was called into meet with Warren K. Wessels, an assistant dean in the College of Agriculture. To my surprise, his sole purpose was to inquire if I was doing all right. Seems he had known my father when he attended the U of I for graduate school, understood he had died unexpectedly when I was a junior in high school, and just want to see how things were going and if he could do anything to help. 

"I indicated I was doing well and he then told me to come back any time when I needed assistance. 

"This kind of caring was endemic in the College of Agriculture faculty and administration. Having come from a small rural school, this environment made adjusting to college life much easier.”