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Bruna Romero-Melgar

Bruna Romero-Melgar

Managing director | Girls in Tech of Bolivia | Class of 2014

We say Illinois, Bruna Romero-Melgar says ... Funk ACES Library.

It was the “perfect” study spot, says the managing director of Girls in Tech of Bolivia, who earned her master’s in economics in 2014 from the UI.

“Losing myself in an island of books, while looking trough the glass observing seasons changing from fall to summer. Studying for finals while admiring the snow-dressed Quad. Falling in love while in study sessions. Even getting a Jimmy John’s tuna sandwich delivered by midnight.

“Funk was the ultimate witness to my cap and gown. Everything seemed possible in that tower.

“Everything until the sound of the McFarland bells reminding me that it was time for real life.”