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David Otunga

David Otunga

Lawyer, wrestler, actor | WWE tag-team champ | Class of 2002

Before he gained fame as the head-butting, pile-driving WWE star with the Harvard Law degree, David Otunga was a mild-mannered psychology student with an affinity toward a freshman professor.

Dr. Essie Meisami was my physiology professor in my very first class, my freshman year,” says Otunga (BAS/psychology ’02). “Dr. Meisami was such a kind and beloved soul. He took a liking to me and helped me to feel comfortable at U of I.

“When my parents came to visit, he went out of his way to show them around campus and make them feel welcome.

"My mom still talks about that. To this day, I still use many of the facts and principles I learned from Dr. Meisami.”