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Deb Correnti

Deb Correnti

Adjunct lecturer of economics | Benedictine University | Class of 1984

What Deb Correnti wouldn’t give for one last helping of her go-to guilty pleasures on the menu of the late, great Trito’s in the early ’80s.

Among the Benedictine University adjunct lecturer’s top campus memories is “ordering a pound of fries at Trito’s after the bars closed.

“I was also quite fond of their tuna grinders and have tried unsuccessfully to duplicate them at home. I suspect they used more mayonnaise than I am willing to use,” says Correnti (BS ’84, chemical engineering).

Her favorite place on campus is one you won’t find in the official blueprints of the Illini Union — the La Taverna section, as it was known.

“It was a dark corner of the basement with a silly faux Italian name and a limited food selection,” she says. “I studied there daily with my engineering classmates.

“Diet Coke was released at that time. I think I ate Union popcorn and Diet Coke for lunch every day for a year.”

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