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Dennis Cronin

Dennis Cronin

Microsoft alum | Software developer | Class of 1979

A few words of wisdom for future UI students, from the software guru who helped make Microsoft’s xBox the hit it is:

One need not get straight As in college to make it big post-Illinois. 

Dennis Cronin ('79) is living proof of that. 

“During my time at the U of I, I was something of a night owl," says the Phoenix-based former software developer. "So for me, the two most frequent haunts were Bubby and Zadies, a kinda hippy deli that was open all night, and the Illini Union vending room.  

"I believe Bubby and Zadies was located on Green Street downstairs from street level, maybe near the old Record Service or Mabel's. But I liked to stop in there late at night for some Red Zinger tea or a snack.

“Similarly, the wee hours might find me at the Illini Union vending machine room to get some Dannon yogurt or something super-healthy like a Snickers bar.

"Now, it should be said, none of these late-night meanderings really contributed in a positive way to the ol’ GPA, but that being said, those were the places you’d find me, often guiltily carrying an unopened book.”