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Jenna Hall

Jenna Hall

Illinois Athletics HOF | Ohio State assistant coach | Class of 2007

We say Illinois, campus softball legend Jenna Hall says ... 604 East Chalmers.

It’s been 12 years since she last went yard at Eichelberger Field but for the newly named Illinois Athletics Hall of Famer, there’s still no place like her first true home.

“My first apartment. My first time living on my own my sophomore year, from fall of 2003 to spring of 2004,” she says from Columbus, where the four-time all-Big Ten slugger is in her seventh season as an assistant coach at Ohio State.

What the house lacked in amenities, it more than made up for in location — "right across the street from the Quad," Hall says, "which had its perks."

“One, I could roll out of bed 15 minutes before class and still get there on time. Most of my classes were in Lincoln so it was close.

“Secondly, the location made it a popular place for people to stop in and say hi. We always had visitors coming in and out of our place, whether it was to just say hi, relax in between their classes or just spend some time and have a beer.

“I have so many wonderful memories of that place and I always think back on it. My roommates and I still talk about that place to this day.

“I think it really defined what college was all about to me: the people. The apartment wasn’t fancy. The parking sucked. LOL.

“But the people were amazing.”



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